FAQ - Virtual Run English

Track and report your distance

You track your own distance during your hour's run or walk, using any watch, app or other tool that you want. You report your distance by logging in to your profile, which you created when signing up. Under the tab "My Results" you enter the time, one hour 1:00:00, and the number of kilometers. See this Guide. If you are using a GPS-watch/app you can input your activity link when reporting your result in your RaceID-profile.

Last day to sign up

You can sign up until the last day of the run: September 5th.

Sign up

Sign up via RaceID. The starting fee is low: 50 SEK (approx: EUR 5, USD 5, CHF 5). If you have the possibility, kindly support us with an additional donation: every cent goes towards ovarian cancer research!